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Capturing Wild Humility

Photographer & Videographer


A story untold, is ordinary.

A story shared, becomes extraordinary.


I am Phu. And no… it’s not pronounced Phó. I am not a delicious bowl of Vietnamese goodness. Or am I… But that is my favorite dish.

WELCOME! First off, I am the type of person that types like they speak, that way people can get a feel of who I am before they get to know me.

That aside, thank you for perusing around my portfolio.  I hope that it finds you well!

Okay, so now let’s get down to me, since this is why you are here.

I believe in a few things:

I believe my mission in life is to capture and portray the truth of a photo. Be it street, fashion, wedding, or the ever rare self portrait.

I believe in marriage. The bond that becomes when two unite into one is beautiful to me.

I believe in travel and delve into my wonder of adventure. Every year I take 31 days straight to travel the world. Not including my other shorter travels. So let’s capture your wedding somewhere outrageous.

I believe in my girlfriend. She’s a nurse and while may not change the entire world, I know she will change a multitude of people’s worlds throughout her life.

I believe in generosity. There is never a need for excess unless it is to give to others. I want to live a life where I am able to give freely with no attachments. To create a community where we bless others around us or in need.

With that, I believe in you. Your journey, your endeavors. The quarks that make you slightly odd, yet vastly interesting. The stories you share, or better, the stories you keep in reserve. The people you surround yourself with. The you from 3 seconds ago, to the you from when you were trying to create your identity. Know that I believe in you, where ever you are.

I would love to hear from you.

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Say Hi! I would love to get to know you. Coffee is always on me! Possibly a meal too if you take me somewhere I haven’t tried yet…

I look forward to hearing from you!