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Kalani & Ryder

In Vietnam

A few years ago, I got a text from a few friends around midnight to go on a sunrise hike the following morning. Everyone knows I am game for an adventure, but that was a difficult call, as we would leave in the next two hours just to make golden hour. No sleep, and a photo shoot lined up for that afternoon as well? Sure, what could go wrong with that?

Nothing… that’s what. I got to meet what I would now call my travel buddy, Ryder. 2 years later, we decided on a whim to go backpack for a month through Vietnam. Scooting around the coffee fields, eating to our hearts content, and making memories, what more could you ask for?

Well… I guess you could drive by a jewelry shop, take a peak, buy a hand made in front of our very own eyes ring, and ask your girlfriend to fly out from Melbourne to get engaged in Cat Ba, after you had already bought the ring on a whim, knowing she could say no to this asinine idea. There’s no way that would happen right?

3 days, later guess who flew into Hanoi? The one I heard so much about, Kalani. Consider my jaw dropped! I hope your jaw drops too from these photos. The dream last minute whim seat of your pants elopement in Vietnam.